Algiers - the White City of africa

Algiers -  the White City of africa



Algiers - the White City of africa

Posted by: Mahendra Venkatesh

Algiers -  the White City of africa

Algiers is the capital of Algeria and its largest city. Its location on the Mediterranean coast and it historical background make it one of the most attractive cities in the North African region for tourists. Algiers is sometimes known as the white city due to the glistening white of its buildings that makes the city a magical experience for visitors. While the old part of the city of Algiers is located on a steep hill, the new city spreads out at sea level on a bay in the Mediterranean Sea. Tourist resorts, beaches, public parks, local and international restaurants, a collection of souvenir shops, and other amenities put Algiers on par with the most other tourist-friendly cities in the region.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Algiers

1. Casbah
2. National Museum of Antiquities
3. Dar Hassan Pacha
4. Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography
5. Palais des Raïs
6. Grande Poste
7. Museum of Popular Arts & Traditions
8. Jardin d'Essai
9. Djemaa Ketchoua
10. Djemma Ali Bitchine

Things to do in Algiers 

1. Visit the Notre Dame d’Afrique
2. Stroll around the Bab El Oued neighborhood
3. Pay respect to those killed in the Algerian war of independence
4. Walk along Rue Didouche Mourad
5. Visit the city’s oldest mosque
6. Escape the heat
7. Spend a day at Aquafortland
8. Wine and dine at the Sheraton Club des Pins Resort
9. Admire local art
10. Explore the old city Visit the Notre Dame d’Afrique