Belgrade - A gift from the nature

Belgrade - A gift from the nature



Belgrade - A gift from the nature

Posted by: Mahendra Venkatesh

Belgrade is the capital and largest city in Serbia. The area around Belgrade is known to have been inhabited as long as nine millennia. The city has a colorful history, and a succession of rulers, including the Romans, the Slavs, the Byzantine Empire, Frankish Empire, Bulgarian Empire, Kingdom of Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire, among others. The city has been involved in a total of 115 wars and razed to the ground 44 times in its history. Modern-day Belgrade is a bustling city with a service-oriented economy.With such a rich and colorful history, Belgrade has a lot to offer visitors, from historical sites to museums and galleries. Serbian culture comes alive in Belgrade with its many music festivals.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Belgrade

1. Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade.
2. Kalemegdan Citadel, Belgrade.
3. Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade.
4. Maršal Tito's Grave, Belgrade.
5. Homa, Belgrade.
6. Blaznavac, Belgrade.
7. Lorenzo & Kakalamba, Belgrade.
8. Gnezdo Organic, Belgrade.
9. To Je ToKenozoik, Belgrade.

Things to do in Belgrade

1. Explore the Belgrade Fortress
2. Walk (and shop) along Knez Mihailova Street
3. visit the Nikola Tesla Museum
4. Party on the river
5. Visit the ruins of the buildings bombed by NATO
6. Take the train to Montenegro
7. visit the largest Orthodox temple of the Balkans
8. Experience Football’s Fiercest Rivalry
9. Drink Rakija – The national drink of Serbia
10. Visit Novi Beograd And Zemun