Is Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai worth the hype

Is Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai worth the hype



Is Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai worth the hype

Posted by: Venkatesh Mahendra

Isn’t it a tad bit suspicious? Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai have been off the charts when it comes to travel. Every person who has a penchant for travelling seems to be serenaded by the vivacious cascade of wonders these destinations bestow. How is it that everyone seems to fall in love with the same places over and over again? Well, I have my suspicions, but before my conspiracy theorist persona takes over and says Sri Lanka, Maldives & Dubai are moving forward with experimentations of MK-Ultra on mass amounts of travellers, let’s see what the destinations really have in store of us.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s like the character in a movie that shines from a mile away. I mean, yeah, sure, they usually end up being the one with a messed up past and a serial killer, but you get it. Sri Lanka always gleams. Character analysis aside, the island is home to an array of bliss-evoking beaches, eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, misty mountains and mellow green spaces. But did I say that was all? No, I didn’t. The tropically-amicable island also plays host to a plethora of fervid festivals, a cuisine that slaps no matter where you taste it (regardless of a high-scale restaurant or street stall), exotic wildlife sensations and a heartbeat-racing line of activities to do for landlubbers and sea-sport lovers alike. From hiking, cycling and rock climbing to surfing, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing & rafting, there’s no place for the curious like Sri Lanka. 


I’ve also taken the liberty of lining down some of the tourists should run toward and away from.

Do’s & Don’ts

• Do pack appropriately – in regards to the climate, where you’re going and what you’re planning to do.

• Make sure you do try the local cuisine and don’t just end up going to MacDonalds.

• Make sure you respect the Sri Lankan culture. Especially if you’re on a visit to a temple.

Now, to the don’ts

• First of all, let’s all collectively agree to remember: no selfies with a statue of Buddha!

• Don’t just stay in Colombo! There’s much more to the island. If you want a more elaborate answer on this, just check our E-book.

• Also, try not to compare Sri Lanka to India. Some people let it slide, some people take offence.

But if you want the real deal, then take a quick scroll through our E-Book!


Etched with heavenly beauty at every corner, Maldives is perhaps one of the world’s best destination when it comes to all things related to a beach holiday (well, I can think of some equals, but you get it, everything’s about the Maldives in this segment). Consistently enthralling visitors for as long as anyone can remember, Maldives became a global hot-spot known for its unrivalled luxury & hotels that redefine holidays, romantic corners (bleh) and white-sand beaches. I’m probably not the first to say this, but yes, if you’re planning to have a getaway full of soul-stirring moments – I’d suggest the Maldives any day. It gets the job done effortlessly, and I’m sure that’s what you would want.


Life’s too short to pretend Dubai isn’t the city break every traveller dreams of taking! The city moves at miles beyond the usual pace, running alongside the future with a grip that translates into attractions you’ve never laid eyes on before. So, let’s take a quick dive into what you’re getting yourself into! For instance, it’s not all about bustling innovation and life-changing reflections of the future. Underneath all the exterior that makes Dubai look more advanced than a sci-fi film, the city is also a safe haven for adrenaline junkies, shopaholics and night owls who love beat-blaring nightclubs.

Some people have trouble connecting with the city’s vibe in a few days, but I’m here to tell you that you could see almost all of it within a frame of just 48 hours. 

From taking a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque A.K.A one of the most photographed mosques in Dubai to sky diving above the Palm islands. Two whole days is all you need to get in line & do all of the best things that make Dubai such a fantastic tourist highlight. You could catch the sunset by Burj Al Arab, dine & shop at the Dubai Mall, explore Old Dubai and have your very own desert adventures. 

All three of these destinations can be any type of holiday you want! It could be a family holiday for you to spend some quality time with the entire clan.

It could be a solo luxury getaway because I know all of these places have what it takes to give you an experience that drips with the most exceptional amenities you’ll ever see.

If these places haven’t left your mind (understandably), you could always check in with us on what prices we have for all three of the above. Booking a multi-centre holiday gets more relaxing with us, all it takes is a call or an email. Yup, it’s that easy.